The Maze

The Maze overlook, Canyonlands

The Maze District of Canyonlands National Park is literally in the middle of the least inhabited area of the lower 48 United States. Situated on the western side of the mighty Colorado and Green River canyons, the Maze is exactly as it sounds, a vast labyrinth of interconnected colorful sandstone canyons. The only access to the area is via the long, dusty, unpaved Hans Flat Road off of a remote stretch of Utah Highway 24, between Hanksville, Utah and Interstate 70. After the nearly 30 mile long drive through wide-open Utah rangeland to Hans Flat Ranger Station, the notorious Flint Trail Road provides further access to the Maze “proper”.

The Flint Trail Road is literally one of the worst and most dangerous roads in the entire United States. Passable only in powerful 4 wheel drive, high clearance vehicles, the Flint Trail Road and other treacherous area roads ensure the Maze District is a place that very few people ever see. The Land of Standing Rocks, The Fins, Ernie’s Country and the Maze all lie within the confines of the Maze District. Extreme caution in decision-making is required traveling in this country, as the dry climate, lack of water sources or access to the rivers, combine with the intense desert heat to ensure dehydration for the unprepared and major logistics problems even for the prepared. This district of Canyonlands National Park is truly desert wilderness at its best when reached, a combination of beauty and solitude very hard to match anywhere even in the Western United States.

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