Dawson-Pitamakan Loop

Old-Man Lake from the Dawson-Pitamakan loop hike

Dawson-Pitamakan is a hiker’s dream. Three mountain passes, several alpine lakes and a three mile stretch along the continental divide are the highlights of this epic trail. The circuit essentially circumnavigates enormous Rising Wolf Mountain and the matterhorn of Flinsch Peak, making for an unforgettable alpine journey. Interestingly, there is much debate about the actual distance of the hike. The National Park Service claims the trail distance is 17.8 miles, but even their own trail signs contradict this figure, while others have claimed to have used a pedometer that measured upwards of 18.5 miles. However, a large portion of the hike to Dawson Pass can be bypassed with a boat ride on Glacier Boat Company’s Sinopah, bypassing arguably the least scenic portion of the hike through the scenery-blocking forest near Two Medicine Lake.

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