Wild Goose Island

Wild Goose Island on St. Mary lake at sunset, Glacier National Park

Wild Goose Island and Saint Mary Lake, Glacier National Park

Wild Goose Island is one of the most photographed features in Glacier National Park, due to its proximity to the Going-to-the-Sun Road. In reality, were Saint Mary Lake to be drained somehow, Wild Goose Island would appear as a small peak in the middle of the enormous Saint Mary Valley. The westward view of dazzling Saint Mary Lake, hemmed in by large mountains on its shores is an iconic image of what makes Glacier such a special place. The fjord-like large glacial lakes of Glacier National Park, some claim are its real claim to fame. Indeed, Dr. George “Bird” Grinnell, one of the earliest proponents for federal protection of the Glacier area, proposed the name “Glacier Lakes National Park” instead of Glacier National Park. In retrospect, since most glaciers in the park will be gone within the next thirty years, Grinnell’s choice of name may have been better.

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