St. Mary Peaks

Blackfoot Mountain, Little Chief Mountain and Mount Jackson are one of the impressive St. Mary Peaks

Split Mountain and other St. Mary Peaks, Glacier National Park

Going-to-the-Sun Mountain on the right is one of the iconic St. Mary Peaks in Glacier National Park

In his canonical text “A Climber’s Guide to Glacier National Park”, the patron saint of climbing in Glacier National Park, J. Gordon Edwards exclaimed that the “Saint Mary Valley provides enough challenging destinations to keep most mountaineers occupied for several years!”. Indeed, Edwards is correct in his assertion, given the sheer size of the Saint Mary Valley and the number of its tributary valleys (including the Red Eagle, Otokomi, Baring, Virginia Creek valleys and Blackfoot Glacier Basin). Ranging from simple walk-ups to major technical climbs, the peaks of Saint Mary offer something for all skill and experience levels. The Saint Mary Valley and its tributary valleys (minus Red Eagle) have incredible accessibility given the Going-to-the-Sun Road runs directly through it.

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