Mount Jackson

Mount Jackson and Gunsight Mountain from Fusillade, Glacier National Park

Mount Jackson with a fresh dusting of snow, Glacier National Park

Mount Jackson is one of Glacier National Park’s six “10ers” (peaks over 10,000 feet). This behemoth of a mountain was named by Dr. George “Bird” Grinnell in 1891 for his friend Billy Jackson, whose Blackfeet name was “Blackfoot Man”. This peak is easily viewable from the Flathead Valley west of the park and from atop most major peaks in the park. Flanked by three different glaciers (Jackson, Blackfoot and Harrison) and multiple well-known lakes (Gunsight, Ellen Wilson, Lincoln, Harrison), this area is incredibly scenic and was considered the “Crown of the Continent” according to Grinnell, not because it was the hydrological apex of North America (as Triple Divide Peak, which is currently widely known as the “Crown”), but because it contained the most spectacular scenery in North America. Early cartographer and glaciologist F.E. Matthes wrote of the surrounding area “Here is a scene which dwarfs the Yosemite Valley and makes the Grand Canyon seem commonplace”. We here at Wildscape Panoramas could not agree more.

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