Goat Lake

Goat Lake with icebergs as seen from Dead Horse Point in Glacier National Park

Goat Lake is basically a lake within Goat Mountain, near Saint Mary Lake. Although there is no trail to the lake, it can be seen from nearby highpoints such as Dead Horse Point (this picture is from that viewpoint), Otokomi Mountain, Goat Mountain and East Flattop Mountain. Characteristic of most basin lakes in Glacier National Park, Goat Lake is basically the remnants of what was once a glacier, with the water from the melted glacier inundating the basin scooped out by the extinct glacier. As with Iceberg Lake, Goat Lake harbors icebergs well into summer due to its orientation. Large walls on the south and west sides of the lake protect the ice on the lake from constant direct sunlight, thus keeping the temperatures cooler for the icebergs to survive longer after the winter than valley lakes.

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