Almost-A-Dog Pass

Blackfoot and Jackson Glacier from Almost-A-Dog Pass at sunriseAlmost-A-Dog Pass is an extremely remote, trail-less pass only visited by the most hardy off trail hikers and mountaineers. Almost-A-Dog Pass basically sits atop the convergence of three valleys, the Blackfoot Glacier basin, Virgnia Creek valley and the Red Eagle valley. Almost-A-Dog was a Blackfeet leader of the mid-to late 1800s who survived two horrific tragedies that befell the Blackfeet: the Marias Massacre of 1870, in which over 200 Blackfeet were killed and the 1883-84 Winter of Starvation, in which over 500 Blackfeet perished. While likely less than twenty humans visit the area each summer, bighorn sheep and mountain goats thrive here, where verdant meadows are terraced atop deep red argylite shelves with dozens of streams and small tarns babbling throughout. Almost-A-Dog Pass is a place on tranquil beauty, with an epic background view of both Blackfoot and Jackson glaciers.

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