Vigil Peak

Vigil Peak, Mount Rockwell and Grizzly Mountain

Vigil Peak is one of the most intimidating, remote and difficult peaks to climb in the state of Montana and in Glacier National Park. By some measures, Vigil Peak is rated as the second steepest peak in the state. Vigil Peak is so remote that the hike by trail to its base takes an entire day. Once there, the mountain rises abruptly out of the mighty Coal Creek Valley just east of the continental divide, with the appearance of a fortified castle. The climb itself is challenging, as the peak is heavily glaciated. The route to the top of this peak cannot be found in any guidebook or on any internet mountaineering site such as The combination of difficult route-finding, the technical nature of the ascent and lack of information about the peak pose a challenge for even the best mountaineers in the state. In 2011, I had the pleasure of climbing this peak. It was truly a supreme challenge and a memory I will never forget.

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