Nyack Wilderness

snowy Nyack peaks: St. Nick on the left, Stimson on the right

The southern quarter of Glacier National Park is locally referred to as the Nyack. This region is one of the least visited areas of the park and one that no tourists ever see. No large tourist attractions exist on its borders, even the short trail hikes are far from easy and the ford of the middle fork of the mighty Flathead River to reach the area is a virtual filter of people who should and should not be exploring the area. Wolf and grizzly populations thrive in this area due to the lack of human presence and the local abundance of prey animals, adding to the wilderness characteristics of the Nyack. Any journey into the Nyack is an exercise in self-independence and a journey into a realm of extreme solitude, where any emergency help you may need is over 24 hours away, at best. The Nyack is not for the feint of heart!

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