Nyack/Coal Creek

The Nyack Creek, Park Creek and Coal Creek valleys in the southwestern part of Glacier National Park are some of its least-visited valleys. Dubbed by locals as “the Nyack Wilderness” or simply “the Nyack”, this solitude seeker’s dream is inaccessible to all but the most brave of heart for at least 9 months of the year. The snows of the continental divide isolate this area on its eastern end and the mighty current of the Middle Fork of the Flathead River guards this wilderness on its western flank. When the snow melt subsides (usually around the summer solstice), the current of the Flathead is tamed just enough for safe access by ford on foot. Once across the river, the adventurer is in the Nyack, a wilderness that sees very few human visitors. Even the trails in this region are sporadically maintained and often overgrown. The deep, green valleys are capped by some of the most jagged peaks in North America, with Mount Saint Nicholas, Vigil Peak and Mount Doody among the incredibly beautiful peaks of this area. Recent forest fires in 2003 and 2015 have burned large portions of these valleys, lending a sense of eeriness, but also opening up many views from the usually thickly forested valley floors.

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