Many Glacier Hotel

Many Glacier Hotel reflects in Swiftcurrent Lake

Cloudy day at the Many Glacier hotel

Many Glacier Hotel is truly one of the iconic lodges in the entire American national park system. Built in 1915, “The Showplace of the Rockies” was originally owned by the Great Northern Railroad. This Swiss chalet-themed lodge sits on the shores of Swiftcurrent Lake amidst one of the most beautiful valleys on the entire North American continent. While many Glacier Hotel is the largest lodge in Glacier at 214 rooms, it is also the lodge with the shortest season in Glacier. Usually open from early June to mid-September, the hotel has a winter caretaker, reminiscent of the classic Stephen King novel/movie, The Shining.

In yesteryear, Many Glacier Hotel held a swimming pool, a cruise ship ticket sales booth, a spiral staircase in the lobby and an icehouse in which ice blocks from nearby Swiftcurrent Lake would be stored in the summer months for use in the kitchen, bar and dining room. During most of the 20th century, workers at the lodge were also performers, required to sing and act in both the Ptarmigan Dining room and the Saint Moritz Room in the basement of the hotel. Today, workers perform voluntarily on one day of the week, (usually Sundays) in the “Hootenanny”, a casual concert held in the lobby for hotel and park guests.

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