Going-To-The-Sun Road

Heavy Runner Mountain, Mount Reynolds and Mount Clements from the Going-to-the-Sun road

While we usually only feature images from remote areas, the views from Glacier National Park’s famed Going-to-the-Sun Road are more than beautiful enough to be included in our collection. Finished in 1932, “The Road” (as locals call it) takes motorists through a stunning alpine landscape over the continental divide between West Glacier, Montana and Saint Mary, Montana, passing by 12-mile long Lake McDonald and 8-mile long Saint Mary Lake along the way. At the apex of the road is 6,646 feet high Logan Pass, where a visitor center and easy trails allow tourists to acquaint themselves with the alpine environment and its inhabitants.”The Road” is usually only open for three or four months a year and some years as little as two months due to heavy previous winters and early September snows.

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