Norris Mountain

Rainbow over Norris Mountain

This beautiful peak lies directly upon the Continental Divide. A locally famous multi-day mountaineering traverse dubbed the “Norris Traverse” takes hardy adventurers from the Cut Bank Valley up to Triple Divide Pass by trail, then off-trail over famed hydrological wonder Triple Divide Peak, around Norris Mountain (ascent optional), over or past a few unnamed peaks along the Continental Divide northward all the way to the seldom-visited Red Eagle Pass and Red Eagle Meadows. From that nearly mystical area, many “escape routes” are possible but highly arduous, as no trails exist near this area and the terrain towards the nearest trails is, let’s say… tricky. Many cross country hikers have arrived back in civilization a day or two late due to the remoteness of the area and difficulty of the terrain.

Another newer traverse dubbed the “Chuck Norris Traverse” was completed by the authors piecing together previously established routes, involving ascents of Razoredge Mountain, Triple Divide Peak, Norris Mountain, Peak 7912 (all four along the Continental Divide) and ultimately the technical climb of Split Mountain (slightly east of the Divide).

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