Medicine Grizzly Lake and Triple Divide Pass

Split Mountain as seen from Triple Divide Pass

Medicine Grizzly Lake and Triple Divide Pass as seen from Medicine Grizzly Peak

Cut Bank Valley from the ridge between Triple Divide Peak and Razoredge Mountain

Triple Divide Peak is the hydrological apex of the North American Continent. This mountain’s drainages flow into the Pacific Ocean, the Gulf of Mexico and Hudson Bay. Below Triple Divide Pass lies Medicine Grizzly Lake. Legend has it that the Medicine Grizzly lived near this lake and once killed a number of Blackfeet warriors when harnessed in battle by a Kootenai chief. It is rumored that the Medicine Grizzly was eventually hunted down and killed by a government hunter from nearby Columbia Falls. In modern-day Cut Bank Valley, the fishing at the lake is fantastic if the angler can avoid hungry grizzlies who have grown accustomed to easy fishy treats left by unsuspecting fishermen.

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