Cut Bank Valley

The Cut Bank Valley is one of the least visited valleys on the east side of Glacier National Park. There are no lodges or tourist facilities in the valley save for a primitive National Park Service car campground that is reached by a long dirt road. The Cut Bank valley contains the hydrological apex of the North American continent, Triple Divide Peak, where water from the top of the peak flows into the three largest drainages in North America, the Pacific Ocean, Hudson Bay and the Gulf of Mexico.

The Cut Bank valley is also home to many of the Blackfeet animal legends, specifically tales concerning talking beavers and the famous “Medicine Grizzly”, a mythical creature whose spirit was harnessed by a Kootenai warrior in battle against the Blackfeet. In modern times, beavers and bears are plentiful in this valley, as well as moose and bighorn sheep. Wild horses roam Cut Bank Ridge and the foothills east of Mad Wolf and Spot Mountains. Tremendous fishing opportunities are present at Medicine Grizzly Lake in the back of the valley, but beware the local grizzlies who have grown aware of the tasty treats that come at the end of anglers’ lines!