Sawtooth Ridge

Sawtooth Ridge in spring

a storm approaching Sawtooth Ridge

views from the northern peak of Sawtooth Ridge

Another classic example of the Lewis Overthrust along the Rocky Mountain Front, Sawtooth Ridge is at the southern end of the Front, near Augusta, Montana. Sawtooth Ridge sits directly above Sun River Canyon, the Sun River flowing eastward out to the prairies where it eventually meets the Missouri River. An artistic rendition of this iconic mountain can be found on the label of Missoula-based Bayern Brewing Company’s Pilsener, one of the only true pilseners in the U.S. brewed according to the Reinheitsgebot or brewing “Purity Law” of Germany from 1516. The developers of this site can attest Bayern Pilsener is truly a state treasure of the Treasure State, as is this ridge and its environs.

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