Ptarmigan Tunnel-Ahern Pass Goat Trail

Helen Lake, Elizabeth Lake, Ipasha and Old Sun Glacier are visible from the Ptarmigan Tunnel - Ahern Pass goat trail

The Ptarmigan Tunnel – Ahern Pass Goat Trail is an off-(human) trail route and one of the finest little-known hikes in all of North America. Starting from the Ptarmigan Tunnel, this Mountain Goat trail was discovered by Glacier National Park’s “patron saint of climbing”, J. Gordon Edwards. Edwards observed mountain goats along the cliffs above Helen Lake and near Ptarmigan Tunnel and deduced that a hidden route existed between the two. Upon further exploration, Edwards found the goat trail traversed the entire north side of the Ptarmigan Wall, all the way to Ahern Pass. Those with a fear of heights should definitely NOT plan on taking the Ptarmigan Tunnel – Ahern Pass goat trail, as many sections of it are just a ledge a few feet wide above towering cliffs, up to nearly 2,000 feet high in places. In normal years, this route is only passable for two months, as any snow along the route poses major safety risks.

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