Mount Merritt

Mount Merritt with Old Sun Glacier as seen from Natoas Peak

Many local mountaineers consider the view from atop this magnificent peak to be the best in the entire Glacier National Park, with over a dozen glacial lakes of various blues and aquas in close proximity, some on high benches, some right below glaciers and some further down in the Belly River tributary valleys. The views westward towards the Livingston Range and its glaciers is awe-inspiring as well. Mount Merritt is one of the six “10ers” in the park (it is the smallest of the six, standing at 10,004 feet).

The mountain was originally named after a family name within the Blackfeet tribe, Old Sun. When the U.S. government started placing official names upon Glacier National Park features, officials had already named some features “Olson” and wanted to bestow a different name upon the mountain. An alternate name had come from an 1890’s African American Army troop that had chosen to name the mountain after U.S. Army General Wesley Merritt, a famous frontier general of the time. Eventually this name was officially adopted and the glacier on the high south slopes of Mount Merritt retained the Old Sun name.

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