Miche Wabun Valley

Miche Wabun Valley, Rainshadow Peak and Mount Cleveland

stunning Miche Wabun Lake with Rainshadow Peak on the right

The Miche Wabun Valley is the most northern and most remote valley east of the continental divide in Glacier National Park. While current maps show one trail leading to the foot of the valley from the main Belly River trail, in reality this trail barely exists anymore and has not been maintained in years. Technically, the Miche Wabun valley is a tributary of the Belly RIver, as it contains the North Fork of the Belly, which flows out of Miche Wabun Lake, through a tight canyon at the eastern edge of the Lewis Overthrust and spills over the cusp of the overthrust in a series of waterfalls out onto the plains east of the mountains. These Miche Wabun Falls lie at the terminus of the poorly-marked and poorly-maintained North Fork Belly River Trail, if one chooses to undergo that arduous adventure. Reaching the lake at the head of the valley requires intense bushwhacking for several miles after scaling the cliffs near the falls.

This valley is home of some extraordinarily rugged peaks, including two of the most seldom-climbed peaks in the entire park, Miche Wabun Peak (meaning “Great Dawn”) and Rain Shadow Peak. In fact, Rain Shadow has only been climbed twice ever, the first ascent in 1987, with the second ascent not coming until 2013 (by Tyler Haasch and Sean Doyle, author of this page). Miche Wabun Peak has only seen a dozen or so ascents and is the northern terminus of the Lewis Range. Beautiful Miche Wabun Lake steals the show, whether in deep blue hue, or powder blue just after the main melt each early summer. One of the most recently de-classified glaciers, Miche Wabun Glacier, sits at the head of the valley. Other impressive sights in this valley are Goathaunt Mountain, red-hued Sarcee Mountain and the seldom-seen 3,500 foot north face of Kaina Mountain, which stands just above the south shores of Miche Wabun Lake and remains unclimbed into the 21st century.

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