We are not professional photographers, but we are prolific adventurers. We are a husband and wife team that has created a fun project out of our passion. The description of our project is simple enough, capturing panoramic images from very hard to reach vantage points. But here at Wildscape, our panoramas bring you the bigger picture on a lot of levels.

While your average phone or camera has a panorama function, our panoramas are MUCH BIGGER than regular panoramas. While the standard panorama functions for cameras and phones take quality images, those images are small files, hardly larger than one regular picture in terms of file size. In contrast, our panoramas consist of several individual images stitched together to create incredibly large images that have much better resolution than the average panorama ever could, especially when printed at full or near full size. Most of our panoramic images are at least five times larger than standard panorama functions create, some nearly twenty times as large. Considering their size, our panoramas are superior in that they show more detail than standard panoramas do. Most of our images are optimally printed as posters and can even be made into large wall decals or murals, retaining clarity even at these incredibly large sizes. Unfortunately, our current website has constraints. If we loaded the full version of every image onto our site, the website would be extremely slow. So, we load smaller versions of our images that optimally fit your average laptop screen. To give you an idea of how large our images are, we have included a full-sized image at the bottom of this page. Our images are unique in the level of detail and illustrate each and every nook and cranny of mountaintop crags, the numerous small lakes, steams and waterfalls virtually hidden in average panoramic images with smaller pixel counts. In our images, you see the details of the sights we saw when we were there.

Many professional photographers take panoramic photographs, but these are typically taken from roads or from hiking trails.The panoramas we capture are from vantage points very few photographers can reach, many taken several miles away from any hiking trail even. The images we bring to you are essentially a byproduct of our greatest passions, namely mountaineering, hiking, backcountry backpacking and travel. Initially, we created our panoramas as the best facsimile of the biggest, most beautiful views we could find along our adventures to bring back and show to friends and family that could not come along with us. We felt the only way to capture even a slice of the grandeur we saw was by making incredibly large images, but we admit even that does no justice to the real thing. Very few of our pictures are images that are seen by average tourists, many of our images are beyond what even the average hiker ever sees. The majority of our images are taken in incredibly hard-to-reach areas, many requiring hours or even days of travel, much of it far off the beaten path, many from mountaintops or remote canyons that are rarely photographed at all, let alone in such size and detail. This is where we realize our project is unique, perhaps unique enough to sell.

But there is still another way we bring you the bigger picture. Along our journeys we have acquired a decent amount of knowledge about places, from our research into the areas we visit and the experiences we create along the journey. Many of these places display world class geology, wildlife and history. For every image, we describe the area including geological, geographical and historical facts, as well as some personal experiences. We hope we inspire people to get out and see the beautiful world we live in.

We are a small company and part of our philosophy of appreciating and enjoying the bigger picture is creating a more customizable product that is also eco-friendly, while at the same time preferring to support small, local companies over large corporations. We encourage you to help us reduce the ecological impact caused by shipping and handling, while at the same time supporting your local copy shops by offering digital files of our images for purchase. This idea fits into our view of the bigger picture, as well as offering the customer a level of customization most large printing corporations cannot. We are proud to present our unique product at a reasonable price while doing so in an economically and ecologically friendly manner. We can and will print copies and send them to you, but we choose to utilize our local copy shop, strengthening our local economy in the process. If you are interested in purchasing any of our images, please feel free to contact us. If you are not interested in purchasing our large images, you are still more than welcome to enjoy the smaller images here on our site for free. We hope you enjoy our Wildscapes!

Panorama from Otokomi Mountain in Glacier National Park